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e2v has over 30 years of experience in designing, developing and manufacturing high performance imaging solutions including CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor), CCD (Charge Coupled Device), EM (Electron Multiplying) imaging sensors and Thermal Imaging Cameras.

Operating across the electro-magnetic spectrum from x-rays, through ultraviolet and visible light to near infrared, e2v’s imaging sensors and cameras are designed and produced for a broad range of demanding applications including:

  • Fire and rescue, law enforcement, marine and homeland security thermal imaging

  • Space and Earth observation imaging

  • Science and life science imaging

  • Machine vision

  • Ophthalmology

  • Dental x-ray systems

With continued investment in technology research and development, e2v is a global business uniquely placed to meet the ever more challenging requirements of professional imaging markets and deliver innovative solutions to our customers. We deliver leading-edge technologies and manufacturing processes (for example back-thinning of sensors) that ensure that our high-end imaging products remain world leading.

Our people apply their expertise to create innovative solutions for high performance systems; designing, developing and manufacturing inspirational solutions for the most exacting requirements of global systems companies.

Our vision is to be the company most trusted to deliver advanced technology and vital services for critical systems

e2v: when performance counts

Our people

  • Always work to deliver excellence and value to our customers through long-term partnerships

  • Are recognised and respected as experienced and talented people

  • Demonstrate a strong competency in design, manufacture, service and support across our core technologies and market areas

  • Understand our responsibilities to managing and minimising the environmental impact of our activities

We strive to work to our core values of:

  • Customers first

  • Excellence throughout

  • Integrity

In addition to our high performance imaging solutions e2v offer:

  • RF power solutions for: defence electronic countermeasures, radiotherapy cancer treatment machines, Radar systems, Stellar satellite communications amplifiers, Industrial heating, Cargo screening, ProWave Industrial processing systems, missile control safety & arming devices and digital television transmitters.

  • Hi-rel semiconductor solutions for aerospace & defence programmes requiring: lifecycle management, hi-rel microprocessors, high speed data converters, high reliability ICs with lifetime continuity of supply, assembly & test services and MRAMs.

For the year ended 31 March 2012, we achieved sales of £235m and are listed on the London Stock Exchange. We have approximately 1650 employees in European, US and Asia Pac design, development and manufacturing facilities. Sales and technical support are provided by four global sales and support territory bases to a total of more than 50 countries.

As a result of our track record of innovation and technological breakthroughs, e2v continues to be involved in many high-profile ground breaking programmes, including:

Our success is built on long established relationships with industry partners: for example with Freescale Semiconductor, to develop and supply extended reliability versions of their microprocessors.

The combination of our in-house technical capability, (which has resulted in nearly 200 patent families being granted to the e2v group), and links with technical authorities and universities, ensures that we can bring together the right level of expertise for a diverse range of technical challenges.

Contact us now and challenge us to help solve your technology problem….. Our corporate brochure can be downloaded here. The French version of our corporate brochure can be downloaded here.


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